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Goddess Oracle of the Week~Maat



I am the law of truth

the path of integrity

preserver of the code

and in my heart justice lives

I weigh all deeds against

my feather of truth

I weigh all deeds

and should they prove the heavier

then I give the lessons

I create the opportunities

I open the pathways

I graciously bestow

that which needs to be learned

to right all wrongs

By Amy Sophia Marashinsky
Illustrated by Hrana Janto


Now is the time to look at your life and invite justice in.
It is time to repay all debts, to strike a fair and reasonable
BALANCE in all your dealings.

Maat says that the way to wholeness lies in accepting the loving nature of justice which seeks to right all wrongs by administering the lessons needed.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer