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Here I Go

It's about damn time.

Time for me to enter the world of blogging, just for me.

For years, friends have suggested this to me...

"You should have your own blog."

"You should write that shit down."

"You should write a book."

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

Some of you are aware, I recently began writing blogs for the company I work for. I absolutely love it. I'm a research geek when it comes to herbs and alternative healing and now, I get to write about it.

I am also writing for a fantastic site specifically for women. I'm super proud to be a part of it.

However, writing for others is different than writing for yourself.

Sometimes you have to let it all out.

I've never been one to censor myself. Expressing myself and my authentic being should never be compromised.

So here is my place. In my own words. In my own world. No blocks. No censors.

Limitless creativity.

Words spewing out with absolutely no boundaries.

Just me in all my Spirit Dancer watch out!

I bring you..."On a Journey Back to Her Wings".

Things you can expect...
  • herbal knowledge
  • alternative healing methods and suggestions
  • medicine making brilliance
  • the occasional movie/music post
  • things concerning Asheville...from beer to food to hippies
  • faery and goddess readings
  • affirmations
  • whatever the hell I want

So follow me, if you will.

Any ideas, or things you would like me to research, post, etc. let me know.

Inspiration, Peace & Love,

~Amy Riddle The Spirit Dancer