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October Goals

At the beginning of each month I am setting monthly goals.
I have a tendency to do way too many if I just take one month at a time...I will have more focus.

Review of my September Goals...
  1. Manifest New and Wonderful Job (DONE!)
  2. New phone and new phone # (DONE!)
  3. Save $ for NC tag (not a dime)
  4. Fall Equinox Party - September 23 (DONE!)
  5. Go for walks (Sometimes...)
  6. Continue to do herbal wraps (Yes.)
  7. Create jewelry (Yes!)
  8. Meditate more (still need more)
  9. Smile (Finally, yes.)
  10. Be Happy (Finally, yes.)

October Goals

1. Continue personal blog, "On a Journey Back to Her Wings"
2. Learn my new job inside and out
3. Brush up on Anatomy & Physiology
4. Catch up with my bills
5. Create jewelry
6. Go for walks
7. Enjoy the fall foliage
8. Drink more pumpkin spice lattes
9. Find a worthy Halloween party and attend
10. Be happiness

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer