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New Year's Resolutions? I believe so.

The Spirit Dancer and New Year's Resolutions?

Yes. Let's do this.

2009 was a life changing, incredible year.
I graduated from Everglades University with a
Bachelor's of Science in Alternative Medicine.
I quit The Golf Channel after working there for a decade.
I relocated by myself to Asheville, NC.
I went through an informative herbal program.
I met Chris and got an instant boyfriend.

2010 happened and it was difficult.
2011 I kept trying to get back and got nowhere.

Finally, I feel my head is a little above water and I'm not drowning anymore.

With all of my strength and will I plan on getting it back together in 2012.
I was lost. So lost. It's been overwhelming.

I'm ready to embrace a good life.

My life is what I create and I plan on getting it back.

I am an all powerful amazon warrior.
~Ani Difranco
Goals for 2012

  • Cheshire Fitness Club
  • Eat better/healthier
  • Blog/journal
  • Enforce boundaries/protection
  • Have more me time
  • Go downtown more
  • Go to live shows
  • Be involved in craft shows
  • Save money for 2013 Florida Megacon trip
  • Move to a bigger home with Chris

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer