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Oracle of the Week ~ Faery Laiste, Moon's Daughter

Laiste, Moon's Daughter

Light cast in shadows. Spiritual guidance.



Laiste wants us to be open to the great unknown, to mystical experiences that teach us an expanded way to relate to the multiverse, all of the worlds and dimensions together.

Laiste hopes you will reach for your higher self, your not-yet-realized cosmic wisdom.

You know far more than you know you know.

Laiste reaches into our deepest minds, opening long-shut doors, illuminating and revealing the uncultivated ground of our being - our hidden senses and talents.

Through revelation and the ecstatic experience of the mystic, Laiste faces and leads us into the future.

She prefers to let the old stuff of the past fade away in the illumination of insight and newly accessed wisdom.

Trust your hunches.

Trust your intuition.

Pay attention to your dreams, they may forelight the future and illuminate the present.

Pay attention to symbols.
Faeries often speak to us in the language of symbols, because words are so limited.

From The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud, text by Jessica MacBeth

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Magick Muse