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The Origin of The Spirit Dancer

The Origin of The Spirit Dancer

The Spirit Dancer by Brian Froud

My friends have been calling me Spirit Dancer since 2001. Why? It just worked out that is how I, Amy, also become known as The Spirit Dancer.

2001 was a life changing year for me. It was huge. My relationship of almost 6 years dissolved and I was left feeling at an all time low.

At the time I had no idea this would be my year of awakening.

I picked up one of my friend's books entitled, "The Wicca Handbook" by Eilenn Holland and I couldn't put it down. Everything I read made so much sense to me.

This was what I was searching for. I went deeper.

I read all I could on paganism and mythology. I began taking Wicca 101 at the local new age shop. I brought meditation into my life. "The Mist of Avalon" became my favorite book and I almost tattooed a moon on my forehead...almost. I chose my back instead.

I took all the classes I could...wicca, the elements, the wheel of the year, meditation, spiritual development, tai chi, goddess, animal totem, tree magick, and the ogham.

And the biggest connection to the Fae busted wide open. There was even a Faerycraft class. Oh, the joy.

I got The Faery Oracle deck by Brian Froud and felt like I found a new set of friends.

The card that inspired me the most was and still is The Spirit Dancer.

She is self-expression. She is freedom. She is exploration.

She creates. She crafts. She dances. She is all inspiring.

I knew that deep down I was just like her. I am The Spirit Dancer.

I climbed out of the depths of depression with new found creativity. I was crafty. I made jewelry. I created candles from old scraps of wax. A whole new Amy opened up and became The Spirit Dancer.

The Spirit Dancer inspired the craftiness of me...the spiritual part of me....the healer in me. She awakened my soul and dances me into my authentic being.

My friends started calling me Spirit Dancer that stuck. When I started selling my wares at local events, Spirit Dancer Creations was born.

I appreciate and honor The Spirit Dancer.

WIthout her I wouldn't be who I am.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer