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March Goals

Hello March!

March is one of my favorite months. It means Spring is just around the corner. March means more daylight. March means getting the garden ready. March means warmer weather. March means being outside.

I start to feel rejuvenated.

I feel alive.

What would I like to accomplish this month?

Looking at my resolutions for 2012, I'm doing pretty damn good.

I'm still going to the gym.

I'm going downtown more, experiencing Asheville places I haven't been to,
and going to live shows.

I even got my North Carolina license plate.

I am complete now.
Well, at least I finally have a NC driver's license, license plate, and phone number.

I feel sorry for that chick that has my old Orlando #...
people keep texting her thinking she is me. I go...what do I wish to accomplish this month?

Get the garden ready.


That's it really.
I'm feeling good.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer