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Oracle of the Week~Faerie~The Queen of Owls

The Queen of Owls

Physical Healing~Wholeness~Wellness

The Queen of Owls is the bright Queen of physical healing.

If the physical body is in pain or unbalanced...
it can become difficult to connect to
anything but that pain or disease.

The Queen of Owls can help you find the inner strength you need
to come through disease into healing and health again.

The pain is real, the disease is real,
but the power to heal is real and within you as well.

Concentrate on her and reconnect with the healing energies of Faerie.

from The Heart of Faerie Oracle
by Brian & Wendy Froud


This is very fitting for me right now. I've been noticing some strange health issues lately. I'm thinking positive and believe that my time at the gym will help.

It is time for me to heal, from the inside-out.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer