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I'm so inspired...I'm on fire!

Since I did my "Fire" ritual Midsummer morning, 
I have been struck by the creative bug once again. 

It feels incredible. I feel inspired. I feel creative. 
I want to do. I want to make. I want to share. 
I want to dance and giggle and fly. 

Kelly Rae always inspires me and this book oozes creative stimulation.

I am enjoying it for quite a few reasons. 

She shares her personal story and we all love to hear someone's story. At least I helps me to know someone else's I can see we all go through similar challenges. 
Everyone has their own journey and 
this book reminds me of that. 

The book includes journal questions that get 
my brain thinking and going. 
I have all these ideas in my head
just waiting to be pulled out. 
Kelly Rae has a knack for pulling out those 
visionary thoughts 
that have been buried for years.

She also shares How To Create blah blah blah. 
I'm learning all about (new for me!) paints, plasters, 
distressed ink, gesso, gel mediums, etc. 
Seeing tricks and how-to's kick starts my brain.
My imagination begins moving like a tornado 
forming my own personal ideas. 

I am utterly and completely inspired!

One thing I love about inspiration is, 
it is contagious like a yawn.
She inspires me. I inspire you. 
Let's all inspire each other. 
We are great big inspirational dominos. 

I don't want to hold back any longer. 
I will not hold back any longer.
My creativity has been stifled living in such a tiny home...
no room to spread my wings and create! 

Now I'm over it. It's just temporary. 
One day I'll have a whole room devoted to my crafting. 
Until then, I may have to trip over totes full of 
candle wax, jewelry, and whatnot. 
And trust me...I will trip over them...I run into the corner of the bed at least 3 times a week. 

Crafting is food for the soul.

I'm letting out my creative wings, 
are you?

Let your inner creative side 
shine its light!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer