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Oracle of the Week~Goddess~Nut


Reach for me

touch me

I am always beyond your grasp

Don't try to figure me out

for you can't

I am the ever-present unfathomable unknown

I am the immensity of the star-filled sky

I am beyond human comprehension

In the vastness of my being

I am a mystery

even to myself

Nut (sounds like noot) is an Egyptian Goddess 
of the night sky. 

How did she end up in the sky? 
Good question.

You see....she was having sex with her brother/husband Geb...she was on top...and Ra, the high Sun God completely disapproved, 
so he pried them apart.

He lifted Nut up into the sky where she remains, 
her body forming an arch. 

Up in the sky she is the celestial vault, daily giving birth to the sun each morning and then consuming it every night.

Nut's twinkling vast dark vault stretches out to you reminding you to be open to The Mystery.

Do you plan every aspect of your life and 
leave no room for mystery?

Is your life wound too tight?

Are you trying to make everything safe by defining it, 
labeling it, knowing it all?

Give way to The Mystery, the Unknown.

The Wise Woman knows there is much in the universe that 
will remain a mystery and 
leaves space for it in the weaving of her life. 

Nut says the way to nurture wholeness if for you to trust that the mystery you let in will be exactly what you need for your journey to wholeness.

Holy shit. I answered YES to all of those questions.
I am a born planner. I plan. I carry out those plans.
I achieve my goals.

But I do need to leave room for The Mystery.

I vow to give way to Mystery. 

Thank you Nut. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer