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Oracle of the Week~The Silver Branch~Gruagach


Elemental Power ~ Work ~ Attention to Detail

From The Silver Branch Cards
by Nicholas R. Mann

The Grugach is a giant hairy man from Scotland. 
He is the wild man of the woods. 

The giant has one eye and one leg with 
a shaggy terrifying appearance.

The Gruagach are all elemental beings attached to 
a specific place in nature.

They are all for helping you out, as long as you don't offend them.

They love offerings such as milk, honey, and grain...
but never offer them anything 
that would bind them, like clothes. 

There are many legends of a time when a harmony existed 
on the earth between all things, 
and the powers of nature were present 
in the form of gigantic beings.

These beings would help in human affairs 
but were somewhat capricious.

They needed to be understood if what they did 
was to do no harm.

The appearance of the Gruagach signifies that the indwelling powers of nature can be extremely useful to you 
if you align yourself to them.

This requires some forethought and attention.

If you are doing anything involving landscape...
a new home, a new garden, planting a tree...etc...
You need to align yourself with the powers 
of that specific land. 

Think about the forces of nature on this property. 
Will what you are doing withstand possible floods, intense heat, blistering cold, high winds, and any other force of nature?

If you align yourself with nature, she will work with you.

In fact, the capacity of all living things to 
provide and give to you is endless.

The generosity of the land is an example to us all.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer