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Spider Vein Experiment

I'm like my own doctor. 
Amy Riddle. Medicine Woman. 
Whenever something goes wrong with me, 
I turn to natural remedies. 

So in my gym excursions, I've noticed some spots on my legs...
and I do not approve.

I believe these are called spider veins. 

How horrid. How embarrassing. 

How do I get rid of these freaky lines?

Well...I did some research and decided I'm going to infuse 
some witch hazel with herbs and see what happens.

Herbs I'm going to use: comfrey, yarrow, 
calendula, and horse chestnut.

Put all of the herbs into a glass container. 
Cover with witch hazel. Shake away and store.

Let it infuse 2 weeks.

Now the experiment really begins!

Strain and use on spider vein spots.

I'm curious to see the results. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse