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I am exhausted

I have so many things I love to do in life...things I enjoy doing...things I want to do...
but I just can't seem to ever find the balance.

I'm in a never-ending quest for balance. 

Yesterday I wrote out my "new" schedule for myself wondering if I have taken on too much.

I wanted to see it all out on paper. Have I taken on too much? 
Is there something I can let go?
I discovered I am crazy. 

Way too much.

And the only thing I want to let go is my job. 
I mean that takes up much more than 40 hours a week...
it consumes my life.

However, I'm not in a place financially where I can give that up just yet.

So...I try to live my life around the 40 hour work week...
and I'm flippin tired.

This week I started a new gym and a 5 week e-course on getting your creative biz soaring. 

I absolutely love both of my new endeavors...however getting back into the gym routine seriously takes away from my crafting time in the evening. 

Plus, I'm getting up an hour earlier Monday-Friday now so I can work on the e-course and my blogging and anything I need to do with my side business Spirit Dancer Creations.

So...if I work Monday-Friday, go to the gym after work Monday-Thursday, vend my wares on Saturdays, and in between craft, blog, study, promote, watch Netflix, try to have a life....

I haven't been spending any time in the garden. 
I feel I've barely spent time with my boyfriend. 
And how much time am I spending with just me?

Tomorrow I'm vending in Swannanoa
I am really looking forward to it...afterwards I think I'll take a week off from crafts and vending. 

A little break.
 It's obvious I need it.

And that's okay.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer