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Campaign Amy, Project Life Coach Launched!

Hello world!

Today is 12-12-12.

I feel it's a super duper magical day.

So what better day to begin Campaign Amy, Project Life Coach!

My Indiegogo campaign is officially launched!

My journey has begun!

Please take a few moments to check out my campaign...

What would make me a fantastic Life Coach? 

I have an innate desire to help others. 

I make my own flower essences and herbal remedies we could incorporate in the coaching.

I create jewelry and candles with spiritual energy. 
These too, are great tools for manifesting goals. 

I listen intuitively and deeply. 

I am a believer of manifesting your reality.

I walk my talk.

I encourage you to check out my campaign...

And please, pretty please feel free to share it.

The more people who see it, the better chance I have of
 meeting my goal!

Help me help the world.

Thank you so much for helping my dream become a reality.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,

 The Spirit Dancer