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Cool Craft Market-Handmade In America

Last night I volunteered to help out with the 
VIP Preview Party for the Cool Craft Market this weekend for Handmade In America.

I had an amazing time.

There was that part of me that was saying, "Amy, you've been up since should just go home and go to bed."

But I felt I needed to go.

On I went. They had yummy small bites from Storm next door, a nice band, and 25 local vendors.

The best part of the evening was chatting one-on-one with talented women crafters. I found some new local favorites...

Anita M. Walling creates pots for your senses and your soul.

Jude Lally caught my eye with her wondrous witch dolls. 
They are magical. 

Ryan-Ashley Anderson's business is called Fray Knot.
I asked her for a business card and she handed my a pencil with her business name and a quote that sang to my heart, "creativity is rising up within you. I can feel it."

If you live in Asheville, or near...go check out the Cool Craft Market this have today until 5pm.
Tomorrow, Sunday 11-4.

Handmade In America is located on 
125 South Lexington, Suite 101.

Support handmade. Buy local!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer