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Perks! Do you want a year's worth of advertising?
So...most everyone knows my BIG goal for 2013 is 
to become a successful Life Coach.
It will happen.

However, I need your help. And of course, I would help you back.
I'm the Pay It Forward type of Fairy. 

Right now my Indiegogo campaign is at $400...
I'm still $295 away from the tuition costs alone and 
there are only 11 days left. 

I wanted to talk about the perks I'm offering. 
I want to talk about how these perks can help you!

How many of you have 
your own creative business? 
Do you want your business to grow? 

Well...for a donation of just $40, I will give you a year's worth of advertising on my website. I will have a business networking page where I will list your name with a super big Thank You and you have the opportunity to list your business here. 
Include your website, blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, Etsy shop, and any online link for your business is encouraged. 

Want a little bit more? 
Want something even more exciting?

Donate $50 and you get the year's worth of advertising 
plus a Spirit Dancer Intention Candle.

What exactly is a Spirit Dancer Intention Candle?

My candles are quite unique. They are crafted with recycled wax. Plus I add magic to them! I'm a Reverend and I bless my candles with energy attuned to the color and scent. 

Have you chosen a word for 2013? I can infuse the energy of that word and your intention into the candle. 
Passion. Abundance. Love. Focus. 
Whatever your chosen word, 
you can have an Intention Candle for it.

Check out my campaign and the perks.

I believe we can help each other grow in our creative businesses and flourish in our lives! 

Spread the love!

Thank you oodles to everyone who has donated!
You will be rewarded, you will be held forever in my gratitude!

Campaign Amy, Project Life Coach ends January 14.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer