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This Week in The Spirit Dancer

This Week in
The Spirit Dancer

Reading: "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron and "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness. I am in need of a fiction book. Most of the books I read are all about soul searching, being creative, learning this, learning that...I need a book I can disappear in. 

Listening to: Radiohead, Muse, Air

Watching: "Barbarella"...what a fantastic sci-fi sexy funny movie from 1968. I just watched it for the 2nd time. Jane Fonda nailed it...and you can take that however you want

Thinking about: Getting back into routine...wondering how my book club and painting class will be incorporated into my life...adding the gym back in there...blogging...just sorting out all I want to do. 

Learning: How to draw a Fairy Art Mother in my Life Book 2013 class. I haven't drawn since 3rd grade

Doing: Painting, writing, went on my Artist Date, feeling sparks of energy for implementing 2013. 

Pet Peeves: Loud neighbors. I never want to have neighbors again. Seriously

Happy Thoughts: My Flying Sisters, my sexy loving boyfriend, goals, and dreams...

Best Quote: "Let me adjust my tongue box." ~Barbarella 

Looking forward to: My birthday is this month! 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer