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What's with the January Haters?

What is up with the January haters?
When did January become an evil evil month?

In the last couple of weeks I started to notice 
a January negative vibe...
and I don't get it.

People are complaining about January...
"I'm cold"
"I'm sick"
"You mean I should get up and do something? 
Can't I still have the laziness of December?"

I LOVE January. I really really do.
I fall in love with new beginnings and a clean slate. 

It's a do-over, a fresh start.

I love the plotting and planning of what I will accomplish this year. I love thinking about what could make my life better, 
what can I do to make myself a better human being?

I love the quiet. I love the calmness.

It's fun and exciting finding a new rhythm to my life....
adding new adventures, new paths, new classes, new things to balance out my life.

Sure, it's darker outside, more bleak, more rain, 
maybe even snow and sleet...
we may have cold days where it seems you forgot to get dressed because the wind whips right through that skirt and striped socks and chills one deep down to the bone.

But, it doesn't last.

Out of the darkness there is light.

I embrace the darkness. 
I take advantage of this quiet time of reflection. 
I take advantage of having more alone time right now.

I relish in the quiet.

...and I keep my immune system up through the winter months. 
My secret is elderberry syrup.
I'm a huge fan of elderberry syrup and 
whenever folks start talking about sickness...
I start taking drops of it daily.
It truly helps.
I made a batch myself and I love it. 
You can check it out here

Maybe I also enjoy January 'cause it's my birthday month.
I make a rule to never ever work on my birthday. 
It's my day to celebrate me.
This year I had a fabulous day going to the movies and checking out a couple of Asheville breweries with my boyfriend.

New beginnings, reflection, and birthday fun.
I still love January even though it has a bad reputation.

Rejoice January is the last day.
Tomorrow we can all move into February.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer