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Guess what? I am Amy Riddle, C.C.

Joan Wise, instructor and me gloriously happy.

It is real.

I am Amy Riddle, C.C.

I am officially a certified Life Coach.

This past October, I had my epiphany of becoming a life coach.
and jumped on the dream. 

My life coach training weekend
was so incredible.

The group of folks I trained with are absolutely delightful.

A total of six of us, with common goals...
it was a beautiful weekend of learning, support, and good times.

Here is the group...
Me, Elizabeth, Kevin, Joan, Robin, Laura, and Laverne.

I am certified!

Lucas and Mom drove to Nashville 
to witness my accomplishment. 

I was so happy to see them.
It feels good having such great support.

We are all ready for the next step!

I have lots to do!

I have to build a website, a client base, create an office area, 
and so much more.
This weekend I'm building a timeline of goals.

I'm just thrilled to pieces.

Again, I would like to express my gratitude 
to the many folks that helped me attain my dream.

A huge heart felt thank you to all of you.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer