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Temporarily Disconnected

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I'm so super happy. Seriously, I am!

However, I feel so disconnected. 

We still have things at the other home. 
Kitchen stuff, clothes, a garden...

We have the internet, 
but the wireless isn't set up yet. 
We need a new router. 
So, I'm working on patience awaiting the day I can pull out my laptop in the craft room.
Until then, it's hopping on Chris's computer. 
(It's just not the same.)

I feel like everything has stopped except unpacking/organizing/sorting.

I know that once everything is settled...I'm going to take off...
but right now...
I am feeling kind of lost.
 I'm not keeping up with my social media groups, art projects, getting my new biz going, building that website, 
planning a show in May...

Nope. Everything has stopped.

Priority now is settling in the new home.

Which really isn't that hard because I am 
so in love with our new place...
it feels good.

Pictures coming soon...

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse