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Oracle of the Week~Wasp

The Wasp

My friend and I were heading out for our latte date,
 when she discovered a wasp in my car.

She calmly allowed it to fly out of the car and said, 
"We should look up the meaning of the wasp."

I love that. Of course we should!

So, this week isn't from an actual oracle deck...
it's from being mindful of your surroundings...
and taking a moment to read the signs from the Universe.

So - wasp - what are you telling me?

Apparently I am chock-full of wasp energy right now.

Wasp is:
new beginnings
new projects
builder of dreams

I have been organizing and plotting new projects.
I have built a timeline of goals for The Magick Muse
my life coaching biz.

I am channeling the wasp, the master architect, 
in order to build my life coaching biz into being. 

Thank you wasp for this active brilliant energy
you are providing me.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse