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S is for Sheila Na Gig - Pagan Blog Project

Sheila Na Gig

I flash my vulva for all to see
I stretch it wide
the gateway that all comes through
the passageway to life
I say come through my doorway
open yourself to what is 
if you have something important
show it
so everyone can see
I am the opening to this world
the scared and the silly
the wild and the wooly
the bold and the brazen
I am the Hag
opened by so many turnings
broken down
broken in
broken through
I am the portal to Life
and I say
Open Up!

Sheila Na Gig is the ancient Irish Goddess of birth and death.
Honoring the sacred power of women's genitalia, they used sculptures for protection.
Would you believe that her image adorned church doorways?
Sheila Na Gig holding open her yoni for the world to see.
That is until she was smashed or torn down by the offended.
Sigh. It's always the offended that ruins a good time.

"Sheila Na Gig grins at you provocatively and invites you to join her in opening. Now is the time to open to new experiences, people, places, and things.

Now is the time to begin new projects, forge new directions, venture out boldly. 
The Universe invites you to come out and play.
Perhaps you've had to contract your energy to deal with a wounding, a grieving, an ending.
Or you haven't felt it was safe to open up.
You may have needed a time of seclusion, sorting out, and focusing inward.
Sheila Na Gig is here to remind you that a period of contraction is followed by expansion and opening.
It is time to nurture wholeness by integrating what the stretching, expanding, and opening will bring."

Enjoy PJ Harvey's "Sheela-na-gig"

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