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If you're offended, maybe you need a hobby.

I'm proud of my Facebook feed.

When I do my morning scroll, it makes me feel good.

I see affirmations, positive choices, spiritual development, 
and lots of love.

However, sometimes some evil makes it through.
Evil as in "I'm so offended by "x".


From the shape of brake lights on a school bus to kids getting suspended for imagination to witty commercial ads being pulled -
the sheeple are offended.

Good golly.

Jumping on the next upset, they rally together creating a negative riff that wastes a hell of a lot of energy.

It almost seems like this is their pastime.

What a sad existence.

Get a real hobby.

Offended by something?

I got a few thoughts. 

One - look away and forget about it. 
You are wasting your energy being so upset.

Two - can't let it go? 
Paint it out. Write it out. Walk it out. Talk it out.
Make something positive from your negative feelings.

Three - think it's really that bad? 
Then do something good. Flip the energy. 
Replace the negativity by doing a good deed. 
Pay it forward. Do something nice! Hate creates more hate. 
You have the power to stop the madness.

Four - look within. 
Why are you so offended? Were you bullied as a child? 
Do you just need a hug? What is really going on with you? 
If you can't figure it out on your own, get professional help.

Stop creating the ripple effect of wasted energy.

Move on.

Be happy.

Get a sense of humor. 




Create positive vibes!

Put good in the world.

"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice."
~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 Amy Riddle, C.C., Holistic Alchemist and Manifestor of Dreams is a life coach, tapping facilitator, reverend, creatress, teacher, writer, herbalist, and all out muse. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine with an emphasis on herbs. She is a certified professional life coach with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. Amy craves to inspire others to be healthy and whole in body, mind, and spirit. She has an affinity for striped socks, stinging nettle, and all things faery.