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It's a Wrap!

Greetings Beautiful People,

Most everyone is well aware of my herb obsession. I love herbs. I eat herbs...I drink herbs...I use them as medicine...I grow them in my garden...etc.

My stepmom, Debbie gets this. She knows how much I love herbs and she is fascinated as well with the power of the plant.

Recently Debbie came across an herbal wrap that took 10 1/2 inches off her body. She couldn't stop talking about it...and she is still talking about this miracle wrap.

I decided to give it a try. I believe in herbs, so why not?

Yesterday, I did the wrap. When I took it out I was a bit skeptic. How is this piece of material going take inches off my body?

This company called (appropriately) "It Works" found an amazing herbal combo that they infuse into lotion...then they infuse a wrap cloth with it.

I decided to target my belly first. They suggest you work on one area at a time. You should also drink plenty of water. These herbs work to remove toxins from your body, so be sure to stay hydrated. For the first wrap, you should wear it for at least 45 minutes.

First I measured my waist and the biggest part of my bulging belly. (Urgh.) I then put on the wrap with the lotion side against my skin. I wrapped an ace bandage around to secure it.

I set an alarm for 45 minutes, grabbed my water, laid down on my bed, and read "The Red Tent".

45 minutes later...I took off the wrap and rubbed the remaining lotion into my belly. I got out the tape measure. My waist was one inch smaller. I measured the belly bulge...3 1/2 inches gone.

What the hell? Where did I go?

Our skin absorbs whatever we put into it. These herbs are working to tone, tighten, and refine the skin.

I kept drinking more water. I ended up losing a total of 7 1/2 inches.
It's absolutely brilliant.

I keep rubbing my belly. It feels good with less of it.

The next wrap will be Tuesday. It's recommended to use one applicator every 72 hours until you achieve your desired results.

They say to maintain you can apply one a month.

I'm sold. I can't wait to do the next one.

Debbie is hooking me up to become a distributor. So let me find out more information and I can be your herb dealer.


Inspiration, Peace, & Love,
~Amy Riddle The Spirit Dancer

Goddess Card of the Week~Demeter


Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest

Demeter (deh'me-ter) translates to doorway of the mysterious feminine.

Represents ~ Feelings & Emotions

I felt it all
the rage the anger
the joy the happiness
the tearing the anguish
and I searched
for the middle ground
for sure path
between what I felt
and what I did with it
Then I shed the skins
the layers that build up
when feelings aren't voiced
aren't heard
aren't acknowledged
By giving my feelings
their rightful place
I keep myself far
from the intensity
sheer density
and cost
of emotion

Demeter's Story:

Earth Mother Demeter is a Greek Goddess. The story that most folk hear is the one including her daughter, Persephone.

On a spring day, Hades (God of the Underworld) captured Persephone. Demeter became so overwhelmed with grief and emotional trauma that she withdrew her life force from the earth and winter came.

Zeus stepped in to return Persephone to Demeter. However, Hades tricked Persephone. It is said that if someone eats the food of the dead, no one could return from the Underworld. Persephone was given a pomegranate from Hades in which she ate six seeds. She was allowed to return to Demeter for six months of the year, only to return to Hades for the other six months in the Underworld. Dirty, dirty, trick Hades.

The Message from Demeter:

It's time to nurture wholeness by accepting, acknowledging, and expressing your feelings. Feelings are what you feel. Emotions are your reaction to your feelings. Feelings left unexpressed build up and can create disease for they take up space inside you and stop healthy energy from flowing.

Demeter says the more you learn to accept and acknowledge your feelings, the less time you will spend in emotional turmoil, and the more energy you will have to live life.

Reading is from "The Goddess Oracle, A Way to Wholeness Through the Goddess and Ritual"
by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

Thank you Demeter for your infinite wisdom.

Inspiration, Peace, & Love,
~Amy Riddle The Spirit Dancer

Here I Go

It's about damn time.

Time for me to enter the world of blogging, just for me.

For years, friends have suggested this to me...

"You should have your own blog."

"You should write that shit down."

"You should write a book."

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

Some of you are aware, I recently began writing blogs for the company I work for. I absolutely love it. I'm a research geek when it comes to herbs and alternative healing and now, I get to write about it.

I am also writing for a fantastic site specifically for women. I'm super proud to be a part of it.

However, writing for others is different than writing for yourself.

Sometimes you have to let it all out.

I've never been one to censor myself. Expressing myself and my authentic being should never be compromised.

So here is my place. In my own words. In my own world. No blocks. No censors.

Limitless creativity.

Words spewing out with absolutely no boundaries.

Just me in all my Spirit Dancer watch out!

I bring you..."On a Journey Back to Her Wings".

Things you can expect...
  • herbal knowledge
  • alternative healing methods and suggestions
  • medicine making brilliance
  • the occasional movie/music post
  • things concerning Asheville...from beer to food to hippies
  • faery and goddess readings
  • affirmations
  • whatever the hell I want

So follow me, if you will.

Any ideas, or things you would like me to research, post, etc. let me know.

Inspiration, Peace & Love,

~Amy Riddle The Spirit Dancer