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That's it. I quit. I'm movin' on.

I quit my job.

I've never really done this before. I quit my job in Illinois when I moved to Florida. I quit my job in Florida when I moved to North Carolina.

But I've never really just quit my job.

I couldn't take it anymore. Such a horrible negative place. Horrible negative people sucking my joyful energy out of my ass.

So much yelling. So much gossip. So much discouragement.

Anytime anyone has ever mistreated me, I'm done with them. No more. I cut you out of my life.

But how do you cut out your employer? Who do you talk to when it's the owner abusing you, your co-workers, and customers?

Not a soul.

A couple of months ago I finally came to the conclusion that there were huge issues and no one to speak to about them and nothing will ever be done.

I had to go.

This past Friday after the managers left work, I cleared everything out from my corner desk area and left the vaguest form of resignation letter ever.

It was inspired by my brother's simple resignation when he quit Ponderosa.
"Dear Pondo, I quit. Love, Lucas"

Okay. It did say a bit more. Basically, I'm done and I will be in on Wednesday to pick up my last check. No two weeks. I could barely take two more minutes.

I picked up my check today and I will never ever set foot in that building again.

Where will I go from here? goal is to finally start doing all of the stuff I moved to Asheville for.

  • I want to start vending my wares at a farmer's market.
  • I want to find a job where I can grow and use my talents and be appreciated.
  • I want to write about herbs and goodness in my personal blog.
  • I want to be happy again.

I have no regrets...just wonder what will happen now?

Peace, Inspiration,& Love,
The Spirit Dancer