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Thanks on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite weekend out of the year. I never plan anything.
It's a four day weekend filled with lots of food and lots of relaxing.

I dig it.

I am filled with gratitude and am truly thankful for many things.

I'm thankful for:
  • finding the right job for me
  • having my Asheville crafting debut at the Charlotte Street Petite
  • getting back into candle and jewelry making
  • Asheville new friends
  • all my old friends
  • my freakin awesome boyfriend, who knew love really was grand?
  • my freakin awesome boyfriend's nuts
  • my passion for life coming back to me
  • my plans to join a fitness club on December 5
  • my cozy home
  • Mulder, my car
  • Faeries
  • midnight Cookout runs with Chris
  • lazy Sundays
  • herbal magic
  • good wine
  • Beer City USA
  • music
  • words
  • the moon and the stars
  • sex and candy
  • lava lamps
  • electric blankets and flannel sheets
  • finding a new groove

What are you thankful for today?
Think of at least 5 things you are thankful for and share with someone.

"Each day begins with a prayer of “Thank you,” which are the first words out of my mouth as I awaken."

~Wayne Dyer

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer