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Asheville. It's not easy.

Asheville is not easy.

Asheville isn't always just Beer City USA, fuckin fabulous food,
trips around the Biltmore, and double rainbows.

Asheville is a tough bitch.

I feel like you have to go through an initiation to see if you are worthy.
It's like a hazing.

Asheville first seduces you. She puts the bug in your ear.

"Come live here." she says.

She plants the seed. She taunts. She flirts. She won't stop.

You fall in love, head over heels.

Oh those mountain views, oh that local beer, oh that truffle at the lounge, ohhhh...

Everyone is smiling. Check out the drum circle. Let's dance.

Asheville woos and coos. You move here. You leave everything and come.

You really have no explanation other than...
"The mountains were calling my name and I had to answer."

So you move. Everything changes.

Asheville doesn't tell you the secrets of survival here.

She doesn't tell you about the vortex of circling energy that never dies.

She doesn't tell you how you won't get paid what you are worth.

She doesn't tell you there are no boundaries here, no rules,
and sometimes no respect.

How does one make it in this hippie town?
How do you put down roots in the most un-grounded mountain town?

Asheville energy never ever dies.

It is a spiral, weaving in and out, the ebb and flow of chaos.

It brings you far up into the sky over the mountains and then lets you go.

Boom. You fall right on your face.

~May 1, 2012 will be my 3 year anniversary here. It has taken a lot of time, but I'm finally feeling more settled. It's been a fight and a struggle, but well worth it. I have true love, a good job, and never ending opportunities for growth.

Thank you Asheville.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer