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Ostara is my 2nd favorite Holiday...the first being Halloween, of course.

I love Spring. I love to watch things come back to life.
The flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the garden grows.

It's the waxing time of the year...time to set things in motion.

Every Ostara I write a letter to myself.
I fill it will my hopes, dreams, and goals for the year.
I open last year's letter, see where I stand,
and then I write my new letter for the year.

I found that this is the perfect time for me if I want to
make any big changes in my life.

It's a great time to plant the seeds you wish to grow.

What do you wish to plant this year?
What growth should you seek in your life?

Ostara is the time.


Happy Spring!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,

The Spirit Dancer