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Happy 420!

Are you familiar with where 420 comes from or do you think it's just the socially accepting time of the day to burn one down?

The year was 1971.
San Rafael, California.
A group of teens calling themselves, "The Waldos" learned of an abandoned cannabis crop. Of course, they wanted to find the green goodness.

They even had a treasure map.

Their meeting place: The Louis Pasteur statue
on the grounds of San Rafael High School

Time: 4:20pm

Shortened code: 4:20 Louis

The Waldos searched for weeks.

They never found the crop.

They eventually dropped the Louis, it became simply 4:20 and was their code for getting high.

It caught on...and on...and on.

These guys created a legendary code and they never even got a dime for it.

But, hey...they get to say "we did that".

Now for a video...

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer