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Oracle of the Week~Goddess~Eurynome


By Amy Sophia Marashinsky
Illustrated by Hrana Janto


When I awakened and arose

out of swirling seething chaos

seeing no other way to express

the sheer delight

the wild exhilaration

the explosion of energy

I felt

I began to dance my exuberance

that feeling of floating on a sea

of rapturous joy

lost and transported

in the intensity

of ecstasy


Eurynome separated the sky from the sea. She created the north wind by dancing on the waves. The north wind became lustful. Eurynome seized him in her hands and made him into the serpant Ophion.

Eurynome made love with Ophion and created the Universal egg out of which all creation spilled forth.


Eurynome is dancing into your life to tell you it is time for ECSTASY.

Ecstasy is here for you in all its fullness, exuberance, and rapture.

If there are parts of you that are wounded,
it may be difficult to find the deeply nourishing joyful place of ecstasy.

Heal your wounded parts.

Your wounded parts take up emotional space within you.

Heal those parts and you create space for ECSTASY.

Open yourself up to the dance of ecstasy.

Feel it.

Revel in it.

Eurynome says that when you make the decision to dance with ecstasy,
all life challenges you with the opportunities to facilitate that dance.

Eurynome Creates the Cosmos by Elsie Russell

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Magick Muse