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This Week in The Spirit Dancer

This Week in The Spirit Dancer

Reading: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson (No, I refuse to watch the american version of the movie.)

Listening to: Florence + The Machine (I can't stop!)

Watching: "Being Human" UK Season 3

Thinking about: The Future

Learning: about woad

Doing: Planting woad in the garden and connecting with this fabulous herb. Also eating cheese and pickles sandwiches influenced by Lisbeth Salander. (Of course, mine are made with Mayfel's delicious pickles...the ONLY pickles I consume.)

Pet Peeves: Bad parenting. I think I've come to the conclusion that it's not children I have issues's their terrible parents. Most folks should not reproduce.

Happy Thoughts: Rain

Best Quote: "Keep in mind that I'm crazy, won't you?" ~Lisbeth Salander

Looking forward to: finishing "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", so I can get to the next book.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer