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Your Root Chakra

Located at the base of our spine in the tailbone area,
the root chakra is connected to our personal survival.
It represents our foundation and 
the sensation of being grounded.

Sanskrit name – Muladhara “root”

Represented by – a lotus of 4 petals

Color – red

Element – Earth

Planet – Saturn

Astrological Sign – Capricorn

Associated Sense - smell

Sound – oo (loot)

Animal – elephant

Archetypes – Earth Mother/Victim

Foods – proteins, meats

Crystals – agate, bloodstone, garnet, hematite, obsidian, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye

Glandular Connection – adrenals

Associated Body Parts – bones, skeletal structure

Physical imbalance – osteoarthritis

Emotional imbalance – spacy, lethargic mind, incapable of inner stillness

The first chakra is the seat of our consciousness.
It is our connection with the earth and our basic need for survival.
The root chakra covers matters such as finances, food, shelter, and your job.

If the root chakra is blocked or depleted our connection to nature and the world could be weakened. This can cause us to feel ungrounded and less stable.

An overstimulated root charka may cause one to become
attached to material things and wealth.

In Balance = Our core basic needs are being met.

There are many ways to heal and balance the root chakra.
You can try one or combine many for more beneficial results.

  • Focus on your basic needs and make sure they are fulfilled.
  • You could incorporate more protein in your diet and red colored foods such as beets. Add cayenne and hot spices to your food. Make a hearty soup. Eat more potatoes and vegetables from the ground.
  • Use yoga postures. Bridge Pose and Wheel will open the lower spine. Engage Warrior Pose to ground yourself and feel your need for survival thrive. Tree Pose is beneficial for grounding as well.
  • Meditate focusing on your root chakra. Chant the sound sound "oo" as in the word root.
  • Use crystals. Choose one and carry it with you. Meditate with it.
  • Use affirmations. I have listed six excellent affirmations below for balancing your root.
  • Use essential oils. Remember, oils are the souls of plants. This plant energy can help balance our energy.

Essential Oils that Balance and Cool the Root Chakra

Cedarwood essential oil calms and soothes the nerves. It is very grounding.

Clary sage essential oil drives out negativity - in your environment and in your thoughts. Sage purifies and cleanses. It brings you courage, strength, and protection while grounding you.

Frankincense essential oil enhances enlightenment and connects the spirit with the divine.

Geranium essential oil restores a sense of harmony and equilibrium. It is considered to be a great balancer oil.

Rose essential oil l soothes emotions and worries.

Sandalwood essential oil calms, relaxes, lifts depression, and banishes anxiety. Sandalwood increases a sense of peace in meditation and prayer.

Vetiver essential oil is a money drawing oil. Use it to enhance your finances. Its rich scent also brings tranquility to the soul.

Lemongrass and myrrh are also fabulous essential oils to bring balance to the root chakra.

You can use cinnamon, ginger, or patchouli essential oils to open and stimulate the root chakra.

Affirmations for The Root Chakra

My body is becoming more important to me. I nurture it constantly.

I am taking responsibility for my life. I can cope with any situation.

I recognize the abundance of love, trust, and care surrounding me.

My internal mother is always here for me, protecting, nourishing, and soothing me.

I deserve the best that life has to offer. My needs are always met.

I am connected to Mother Earth and know the security of being grounded in reality, in the moment.

Affirmations from "The Book of Chakra Healing" by Liz Simpson

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer