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Your Sixth Sense

The Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, Your Sixth Sense

Located on the forehead between the eyes, is 
the Third Eye Chakra. 
It is connected to our intuition, imagination, and our wisdom. 
Our third eye allows us to focus on the big picture.

Sanskrit Name – Ajna “to perceive, to know”

Represented – a lotus of 2 petals

Color –indigo

Element- light, telepathic energy

Essence - intuition

Planet – Neptune, Jupiter

Astrological Signs – Sagittarius, Pisces

Sound – ih (in)

Crystals –tourmaline, amethyst, fluorite, azurite

Animal – none

Archetypes – Psychic/Rationalist

Food – None

Associated Sense – sixth sense

Glandular Connection – pituitary

Associated Body Parts – eyes, base of skull

Physical Imbalance – poor vision, glaucoma, headaches, neurological disturbances

Emotional Imbalance – hallucinations, learning difficulties, nightmares

Our Third Eye
intuition - the spiritual - inner sight - purity - clarity - spirituality - wisdom - awareness - clairvoyance - imagination - concentration - insight - discernment - peace of mind

The third eye is the boundary between human 
and divine consciousness. 
It is where the unconscious and conscious meet. 
The phone rings, and you know who it is...that is your third eye. 

If your 6th chakra is depleted, you don't trust your intuition. 
You have fixed and narrow thinking. 
If your 6th chakra is in excess you can become disorganized, disoriented, spacey, and ungrounded. 
Feeling lost, melodramatic, confused, and cynical 
are all signs of an imbalanced third eye chakra.

When our third eye chakra is in balance we 
trust our intuition. 
We recognize our soul's true path. 
We observe without judgement. 
We are self aware and have heightened clairvoyance.

There are many ways to heal and 
balance your third eye.
You can try one or 
combine many for more beneficial results.

  • Enjoy mineral rich and superfoods, like wheat grass juice, chlorella, green algae, royal jelly, and bee pollen.
  • Eat purple fruits and vegetables, such as grapes and eggplant.
  • Indulge in some chocolate, the vibration of chocolate replenishes and stimulates the third eye.
  • For opening the inner eye, fast on stinging nettle tea.
  • Wear purple clothes.
  • Use yoga postures such as Child's Pose and forward bends.
  • Spend time star-gazing.
  • Watercolor.
  • Meditate focusing on your third eye. Chant the sound "ih" as in in.
  • Use crystals. Choose one and carry it with you. Meditate with it.
  • Use affirmations. I have listed ten excellent affirmations below for balancing your 6th chakra.
  • Use essential oils. Remember, oils are the souls of plants. This plant energy can help balance our energy.

Essential Oils for the Third Eye Chakra

Cedarwood essential oil induces introspection. The woody aroma brings on self-observation and allows our inner thoughts to come forward.

Frankincense essential oil enhances enlightenment and connects the spirit with the divine.

Lemongrass essential oil protects, purifies, and uplifts making this oil fantastic for the third eye. It calms, revitalizes, and inspires.

Violet essential oil heals while filling one's soul with love and peace. Violet protects and has luck on its side.

Bay, myrtle, and nutmeg essential oils are also great for 
opening and balancing the third eye chakra.

Affirmations for The Third Eye Chakra

I recognize the need for silence and stillness in my life.

The answers to all my questions lie within me.

I trust my inner self to guide and protect me. I trust my feelings.

I have nothing to prove. I am the Divine Plan manifesting itself.

I am full of wisdom.

I trust that my imagination will create a world of happiness and security for me.

Imagination is the life-blood of my creativity.

I choose to accept myself and others exactly as we are.

Making mistakes enables me to learn, grow, and develop.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer

Oracle of the Week~Goddess~Hestia



I am what's at the core

the indescribable

the elusive

the living presence

that inhabits and transforms

a building

 a dwelling

an edifice

taking it from the realm of



or wood

and with its hearth fire lit

making it a home

Hestia represents the center of the home.

This domestic goddess has come to tend her hearth fire in your life and to tell you it is time to
focus on home.

Hestia is here to tell you it is time to
create a home that will nurture you.

Sigh. Hestia is right. I need a home that nurtures me and 
not hinders me. 
It is time to find a new home.
My goal is to find a new place for Chris and I by fall.
We need a place that fulfills our needs.
We need our own space.
We need a kitchen counter, dammit.
Time to devise a moving plan and set it into motion.

Thank you Hestia. 
We will have a new home this year. 
It is so.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer

This Week in The Spirit Dancer

This Week in The Spirit Dancer

Reading: Back to "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" by Stieg Larsson

Listening to: Pixies, Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode, all kinds of stuff

Watching: Trailer Park Boys

Thinking about: $Money$

Learning: I need more days off. 

Doing: Relaxing.

Pet Peeves: Nothing comes to mind.

Happy Thoughts: Pancakes and cuddling. 

Best Quote: You better not fuck this up. 

Looking forward to: 3 paychecks in June

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer

Your Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra

Located in the throat is the Throat Chakra.
It represents self-expression, truth, and communication.

Sanskrit Name – Vishuddha, “purification”

Represented – a lotus of 16 petals

Color – blue

Element- Ether

Essence - Active Intelligence

Planet – Mercury

Astrological Signs – Gemini, Virgo

Associated Sense – sound/hearing

Glandular Connection – thyroid, parathyroid 

Associated Body Parts – mouth, throat, ears

Sound – eh (feather)

Crystals – turquoise, lapis lazuli, azurite, aquarmarine

Animal – bull

Archetypes – Communicator/Masked Self

Food – fruit

Physical Imbalance – asthma, neckache, sore throats, thyroid issues, tinnitus

Emotional Imbalance – blocked creativity, inability to express emotions, perfectionism

The throat chakra is all about "this is who I am". 

the balance between physical and spiritual worlds - communication - listening - honesty - clarity - creative expression - manifestation - expressive truth - your voice

Find your inner voice! Speak the truth!

Free your creativity!

When you have a depleted throat chakra you may be unclear in your speech. You may not express the truth. You may lose your voice and develop laryngitis. Fear of speaking or excessive shyness are signs of a deficient throat chakra.

With an overactive throat chakra one may talk too much and also may talk about nothing of real importance.

When our throat chakra is in balance, we express ourselves clearly with personal integrity. We are considerate and thoughtful in our communications. We are honest without being hurtful to others.

There are many ways to heal and 
balance the throat chakra.
You can try one or 
combine many for more beneficial results.

  • Eat fresh fruits. 
  • Eat seaweed. It is fabulous for the throat chakra.
  • Drink echinacea tea.
  • Wear blue clothes.
  • Sing, chant, use that voice!
  • Journal.
  • Write poetry.
  • Play a musical instrument.
  • Use inverted yoga postures.
  • Learn Alexander Technique.
  • Meditate focusing on your throat chakra. Chant the sound sound "eh" as in feather.
  • Use crystals. Choose one and carry it with you. Meditate with it.
  • Use affirmations. I have listed seven excellent affirmations below for balancing your 5th chakra.
  • Use essential oils. Remember, oils are the souls of plants. This plant energy can help balance our energy.

Essential Oils for the Throat Chakra

Black pepper essential oil increases alertness and improves concentration. It is great for fatigue and exhaustion. Black pepper gives us the feeling of accomplishment.

Chamomile essential oil increases honest communication and compassion. It soothes and calms any feelings of anger or frustration.

Cinnamon essential oil is an excellent brain booster. It improves memory and takes away nervous tensions.

Clove essential oil helps us release the causes of our pain understanding they no longer serve us. It is helpful with mental fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, and relieving stress.

Palmarosa essential oil encourages a free flowing flexibility while providing a sense of security. It helps us to trust in the divine flow of life.

Affirmations for The Throat Chakra

I am starting to speak up for myself.

What I have to say is worthy of being listened to.

I delight in my self-expression and in all my creative pursuits.

I listen to and acknowledge the needs and wants of others.

I always speak from the Heart.

My thoughts and speech are considered before I utter them.

My voice is becoming stronger and more compelling.

Affirmations from "The Book of Chakra Healing" by Liz Simpson

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer

Oracle of the Week~Faery~Strangely Lonely

Strangely Lonely

Holding on way too tight

Strangely Lonely is here to tell you...

You are holding so tightly to something that it is proving to be a barrier between you and others - 
which is why you feel so alone at times. 

You may feel like you need this barrier between yourself and the world...just like she does. 
However, at present, you may need to open up just a little, and admit that you crave like-minded people around you. 

You need to surround yourself with 
people who speak to your soul. 

You're craving metaphysical and mysterious discussions, and you've got some questions that truly need answers - 
or at least an exploration. 

It's time to consult oracles - the ones that we find when we seek out friends who tell us what they see, 
not what they think we wish to hear. 

And what you are likely to hear is that you must let something go.

Just let go.

Let go.

Let go.

From: Oracle of Shadows & Light
Guidebook by Lucy Cavendish

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer

This Week in The Spirit Dancer

This Week in The Spirit Dancer

Reading: The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey

Listening to: various groovy tunes

Watching: Trailer Park Boys

Thinking about: my garden

Learning: Chris likes to garden, too. Yay.

Doing: finishing the garden

Pet Peeves: closed minded individuals 

Happy Thoughts: A circular rainbow around the sun!

Best Quote: Amy is the "that's what she said" girl. 

Looking forward to: A three day weekend! 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer

Your Heart Chakra

Located in the center of the chest, just above the heart is 
our Heart Chakra.
It represents our ability to love.
It is connected to joy, inner peace, and unconditional love.

Sanskrit Name – Anahata “unstruck”

Represented – a lotus of 12 petals 

Color - green

Element – air

Essence - Compassion, Stillness

Planet – Venus

Astrological Signs – Libra, Taurus

Associated Sense – Touch

Sound – ay (hay)

Crystals – aventurine, jade, malachite, rose quartz, emerald, rhodonite

Animal – gazelle/antelope

Archetypes – Lover/performer

Foods – vegetables

Glandular Connection – thymus

Associated Body Parts – heart and chest, lungs, circulation

Physical Imbalance – heart disease, cancer, shallow breathing, high blood pressure

Emotional Imbalance – melancholic, co-dependent, fears about betrayal

Love, sweet, sweet love!

The heart chakra is: 
unconditional love - compassion - centering - 
devotion - relationships - forgiveness - intimacy -
 harmony - peace - surrender - understanding love

Giving too much or not accepting love is a sign of an unbalanced heart chakra. Other signs of an out of balance heart chakra are selfishness, being judgemental, being attached to old wounds and hurts, and an overwhelming sense of grief.

When the heart is balanced it expands your capacity to forgive and you are more generous. You become more nurturing and loving. You feel more joy, laughter, happiness, and of course - more love. 

Some say love is the highest power there is.

There are many ways to heal and balance the heart chakra.
You can try one or combine many for more beneficial results.

  • Eat leafy greens and a variety of organic vegetables.
  • Eat blueberries.
  • Drink green tea or hawthorn tea.
  • Wear green clothes.
  • Practice random acts of kindness and emote love to others.
  • Try Bikram yoga.
  • Meditate focusing on your heart chakra.
  • Chant the sound sound "ay" as in hay.
  • Use crystals. Choose one and carry it with you. Meditate with it.
  • Use affirmations. I have listed eight excellent affirmations below for balancing your heart chakra.
  • Use essential oils. Remember, oils are the souls of plants. This plant energy can help balance our energy.

Essential Oils for the Heart Chakra

Jasmine essential oil is optimism in a bottle. It warms the emotions and boosts self confidence. It comforts and brings emotional healing. Jasmine essential oil has an exotic warm aroma.

Lavender essential oil is a hug in a bottle. It soothes and calms, promoting natural balance. The essential oil of lavender is one of the most popular aromatic oils. Inhaling lavender essential oil calms your mind, body, and soul.

Neroli essential oil calms the heart and connects one with their higher self. It soothes the nerves and boost self-confidence.

Rose essential oil is the ultimate oil for the heart. Rose holds the highest frequency known to man. Rose essential oil frees our emotions and clears and balances our heart chakra. It is an aphrodisiac that can make our hearts sing.

Affirmations for The Heart Chakra

I send love to everyone I know; all hearts are open to receive my love.

I accept that pain is an essential part of my growth and development.

I love myself for who I am and the potential within me.

All past hurt I release into the hands of love. 

I am grateful for all the love that is in my life.

The love I feel for myself and others is unconditional.

Love will set me free. Others love the best they can. If someone doesn't love me "enough", they may be limited in their expression of love and deserve my compassion.

Affirmations from "The Book of Chakra Healing" by Liz Simpson

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer

Hearts A Bustin

Hearts A Bustin 

Latin Name: Euonymus americanus 

Plant Family: Celastraceae

Constituents: Bark & fruit contain the glycosides evobioside, evomonoside, & evonoside, which adds up to a powerful laxative that can at the very least cause dehydration which can alone be deadly

Actions: diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, laxative

Parts used
: leaves, root

Hearts a Bustin is an unique shrub.

In early fall, it draws curious looks with its 
unique display of fruit. 

Bumpy, raspberry-red pods hang on the ends of stems and 
split open to reveal small, smooth, red seeds.

I just think it looks cool.

What can it be used for?

The bark is a diuretic, expectorant, and tonic.

The bark and seeds are powerful laxatives.

Hearts a Bustin bark can be used as a tea and works as a laxative, diuretic, and expectorant to treat various diseases.

Native Americans may have used the root for tea for treating stomach aches, painful urination, and the vomiting of blood. 
The powdered bark, applied to the scalp, was believed to eliminate dandruff.

An infusion of the plant has been used to stimulate menstruation.

The fruit if eaten is potentially dangerous. 

Fruits may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and unconsciousness.
Pregnancy (uterine stimulant)

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer