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Oracle of the Week~Goddess~Hestia



I am what's at the core

the indescribable

the elusive

the living presence

that inhabits and transforms

a building

 a dwelling

an edifice

taking it from the realm of



or wood

and with its hearth fire lit

making it a home

Hestia represents the center of the home.

This domestic goddess has come to tend her hearth fire in your life and to tell you it is time to
focus on home.

Hestia is here to tell you it is time to
create a home that will nurture you.

Sigh. Hestia is right. I need a home that nurtures me and 
not hinders me. 
It is time to find a new home.
My goal is to find a new place for Chris and I by fall.
We need a place that fulfills our needs.
We need our own space.
We need a kitchen counter, dammit.
Time to devise a moving plan and set it into motion.

Thank you Hestia. 
We will have a new home this year. 
It is so.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer