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Oracle of the Week~Birds~The Crow

The Crow 

The Crow is here to bring you a message of CHANGE.

Change may be scary, but this is the kind of change that is necessary to grow and to expand. 

Change is inevitable. 

You need to recognize the signs that are coming in order 
to begin to adapt to a new situation.

Crow advises you to go through the darkness 
into the light.

Face your fears and move forward.

The Crow is caw-ing, saying you need change.

Do you really need more of a sign than that?

Make the change in your life that is necessary for you to move forward into your authentic self.

Thank you to my friend Cheri for allowing me to 
draw a card from this fabulous deck.

"Bird Signs, Guidance and Wisdom from our Feathered Friends"
Written By: G.G. Carbone
Illustrated By: Mary Ruzicka 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer