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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oracle of the Week~Faery~Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer

If anyone knows me, knows I detest morning. 
I'd rather sleep through it. 
However, every once in a blue moon there is something that pulls me out of my slumber and into the world.

Midsummer morning I was out of bed at 5:40am...
super duper early for me.

I wanted to greet the sun. I wanted to reclaim my power. I keep having moments where I feel depleted. All of my fire energy has been used up. My creativity has been pushed down into some black hole.

So, with all my might I left the house with my "ritual" package in hand. I took off for the Botanical Gardens with hopes of no one being there and having that corner gazebo all to 
myself and the faeries.

I was full of coffee and full of anticipation. 
I drove up to the gate...wait....the gate? 
Yeah. Closed.
Closed? says open from dawn until dusk. It was past dawn.

I had seen people running on trails behind the gardens, so I knew there was a way in.

I drove around and I found a parking lot with a trail 
going down into the woods.
 "What have I got to lose? Who knows where I'll end up."

So I grabbed my ritual pack and my phone....just in case of crazy early morning trail danger...and off I went.

Right? Left? I let my intuition guide me and it 
pulled me to the right. 
I came to another fork in the trail and a voice whispered "left".

By this time I was breaking a sweat and 
began breathing like Darth Vader. 

Then my eyes lit up and all breathing returned to normal.
I noticed where I was....the field in the back 
of the Botanical Gardens right by the gazebo.

Hells yes. The faeries did not let me down.

I had a beautiful and powerful ritual reclaiming my fire energy. Afterwards, I sat in silence. 
I then drew a card from The Faerie Oracle. 

I asked the faeries, "Who can help me feel inspired again? 
Who will be with me on this journey? 
Which one of you will be my guide?"

And I drew Spirit Dancer.

You've got to be kidding. 
I felt like the faeries just smacked me upside the head. 

I felt like the Universe was shouting at me...


I am The Spirit Dancer at my very core. I connect with her on a deep level. I am inspiration. I am creativity. I am exploration. 

Thank you faeries for setting me straight...once again.

Almost always...the answers are inside you. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer