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Old Men Doing Pelvic Thrusts

I made a committment to hit the gym 
this year and see what happens. 
I had to do it. 

I pulled myself out of my slump and was at the gym 
on January 2 ready to go.

My plan was to go Monday-Thursday after work.

I do pretty good...but I'll let it slide when guests are in town, or there is a food crawl (Asheville food crawl! Can't miss it.), or maybe I just had a shitty day and wanted to be home.

My routine: treadmill...sauna...shower...home.

End of June, I was like "This is not enough!"

I added strength training and oh my goddess...
My legs feel better each time I go...
they are starting to look like legs again. 

I feel stronger. 
I am faster on the treadmill. 
I feel lighter on my feet.

However, I still feel my body and soul needs more.

I read Signe Pike's blog on zumba and was inspired to test it out. (Signe has been a source of inspiration to me since Malaprop's had a book signing with her. Her book, "Faery Tale, One Woman's Search for Enchantment in a Modern World" quickly became one of my favorite books. She was on the search for faeries! How could I not love it?!?)

So yes, Signe has deepened my connection to faery...
and now she has inspired me to dance. 

I love to dance, love it, love it, love it. 
I like to boogie. 
So maybe this would be good for me?

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured into
 the zumba class. 
I settled in the back corner to scope this shit out. 

There were about 30 people in the class, 
varying ages and all very friendly. 
The instructor is a cool tattooed covered plumber by day. 
Man, can he dance.
He just goes and you follow! 

Follow I did, the best of my ability. For the first time, I wasn't too shabby. All those tae-bo videos and aerobic classes 
back in the day came back to me. 

Everyone was enjoying themselves. People were smiling. 
And my favorite part...was watching the old men in the class 
doing pelvic thrusts. 
(Old people are so cute!)

I absolutely loved it. I couldn't help but smile. 
At one part I couldn't feel my left foot for about 10 minutes.
 My right side hurt worse than it did in 6th grade when we were told to run and I didn't want to anymore and I got into a yelling match with the P.E. teacher. 
He sent me to the principal's office.

All was good. 
I still felt great.

I plan on going every Thursday night and 
working it into my routine. 

I think it will have a continuous positive effect on my life.'s Thursday...which means...
tonight I dance!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer