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Happy Happy Joy Joy Vending

I've been re-energized and my 
hope has been restored since my 

It was truly a sigh of relief.

I feel like I "leveled up" with Asheville.

It was gratifying. 

I love to craft, I love even more to share my craft. 
I want to inspire others. 
I want to tap into my muse energy 
and brighten someone's day.

I decided I'm going to shoot for vending every Saturday 
with Paris of the South. 
Everyone there is super friendly. 
They made me feel welcome and a part of the market. 
I feel a true sense of community there.

The coolest people attended the market...and most were from out of town...Myrtle Beach, Charleston, 
Raliegh, Fort Lauderdale...etc
The customers seem to really dig my goods, 
especially the recycled candles. 

To add a cherry to the top of a perfect sundae, Paris of the South was featured in the Sunday paper.

Check out the Asheville Citizen's Time article, 
"Flea market has eclectic mix".

Bonus: Wanderin' Mickey made an appearance at my booth. 
He loved the skeleton pirate necklace!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer