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Oracle of the Week~Faery~The Faun

The Faun

Understanding the nature of Nature. 
Natural wisdom. Natural magic.

From the Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud, text by Jessica MacBeth

The Faun sings, "Come dance with me!"
He frolics in the woods, plays in the meadow, 
and dances in the garden.

He teaches us to understand, appreciate, 
and express the part of ourselves that 
dances in the moonlight with the faeries, 
sings to the dawn stars with the birds, 
and hums with the blossoming flowers.

This is also the part of us that plants seeds with a loving pat that says, " Bless you and grow," 
and provides healing energy for doing just that.

No fuss, no bother, 
just intention and natural human magic.

Natural magic is simple.

We are all full of it-and the more 
we are true to our own nature, 
the more we have access to our own magic.

Spending time in our gardens, our parks, our forests, 
and open spaces helps us to reconnect, 
but so does growing herbs and flowers
 and scented geraniums in pots on our windowsills.

So does looking at the stars, observing the state of the sky, 
and listening to the wind.

It helps if we simple observe the natural processes 
and changes around us.

Life is about process, not stasis.

We constantly change.

It is futile to struggle against the flow of the universe,
 so we may as well dance with him.

The Faun says, "Dance with me, and it will all come right!"

And, do you know?

He's right.

Natural magic is happening.

When things flow almost effortlessly,
 that is a sign that natural magic is at work.

Enjoy it!

A very important part of natural magic is 
simply allowing the energy to flow through us.

This means both giving and receiving freely.

Let the energy flow-don't push it, 
don't try to control it, just dance with it.

Trust it.

And remember to 
keep returning to the source for inspiration 
and to keep your heart filled with light.
Sounds like the perfect reading for my vacation this week!

I hope to be spending time in my garden 
and taking in all kinds of nature. 

I shall be dancing with the Faun. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer