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Guess who's boxing?

Guess who's boxing?
Clara Bow
While I was out of commission for gym activities due to 
a screwed up psoae muscle...
I gave great thought to many, many things.

Through my reflections, I discovered I didn't really care for my gym. I enjoyed the treadmill and strength training, but I have never felt completely comfortable there. The clientele is predominantly families and on top of that..."christian" families. 
Not the good type, either. 
The kind that make me feel like they are seconds away from forming a mob, chasing me down, 
and burning me at the stake.

I also discovered I wanted to take a boxing class. 

So, I broke up with the icky gym and 
joined a place that offers boxing.

 It's women only, so no penises. The sauna is much bigger. You have a private room to change clothes in, so no more naked old women walking around in the locker room for me. 

It is also less expensive. I'm saving $30 a month.

And I really, honestly am enjoying it.

I took my first class of beginner boxing Monday night 
and I am hooked.
I think I may have finally have found the activity for me.

Maybe I'm crazy...  
Tae-bo gave me a cyst. Zumba pulled a muscle. 

What will boxing do to me?
I don't know. But I'm going to find out.

I want to feel strong. 
I want to be strong on the outside 
as well as the inside.

So, anyway...I am digging the new's closer to home and has all the qualities I've been searching for...
like kicking ass!

Here is to yet 
another new beginning.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer