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Always in the Moment

Kelly Rae Roberts has been inspiring 
my authentic being since 
May of 2009. 
She continues to touch my heart with the pieces she creates.

Her messages always ring true to what is going on in my life.

Kelly recently sent out an email with this inspirational painting including an important message from the universe.

Be present.
Her favorite moments were those when she let go 
of all expectations and worries 
and just simply 
celebrated the very moment she was living. 

You guys know I have tons of hobbies and 
I love so many things in life. 
You also know I get overwhelmed because 
I want to do everything. 
I want to create everything. 
I want to experience everything.

Well...I'm going to work at not overwhelming my schedule. I'm going to work on having more relax time for just me. I'm going to work on having quality time with my amazing boyfriend. 

I'm going to simply just be present.

Can you do the same?

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
The Spirit Dancer