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Oracle of the Week~Goddess~Amaterasu


Let me share with you the secret of the mirror
let me share what is known only to the Sun Goddess
It is a secret so powerful
it will free you from darkness
a secret so delightful
it lets warmth dance in your heart
a secret so illuminating 
it allows you to know yourself
a secret so simple
all you need do is open your eyes
the secret is
in the light of the sun
in the eyes of the mirror
you are Beauty


Amaterasu is here to tell you to bask in 
the radiance of your own beauty. 

Do you know your unique beauty?
Are you afraid to express your beauty?

Amaterasu says that all women possess the light of the Feminine and that light is beauty.

She advises you to let go of your preconceptions about what beauty is and allow your beauty to be.

Wholeness is nurtured when we celebrate all our aspects and
 being female means that we are beautiful.


I believe we are all beautiful...but sometimes we need to be reminded...sometimes we forget.

Today, I look in the mirror and I say,
"I am Beautiful."

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer