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Thank you fairy much.

"Each day begins with a prayer of “Thank you,” which are the first words out of my mouth as I awaken."
 ~Wayne Dyer

Yay! It's Turkey Day. 
I love Thanksgiving. For me it is a time to relax. 
It's a time to hang out with loved ones.

And of course, a time to reflect on what one is thankful for...
I do this quite often, practically every single day...
but today is a perfect day to put one's thanks out there!

Today I am thankful for:

I'm thankful I took Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons course. It has set me into a creative biz fury and I've made some amazing connections with similar crafty souls.

I'm thankful I'm taking a painting class starting in January and will be for the entire 2013 year! I'm a complete newbie with the painting world. I can't wait to dive in!

I'm thankful for creative inspiring books.

I'm thankful I've figured out my next career step. I'm most excited to get it moving.

I'm thankful I found a gym I enjoy. I love boxing class!

I'm thankful for the early morning Amy time during the quiet of the day.

I'm thankful for the power of the internet. It's amazing how close you can feel to people miles and miles away.

I'm thankful for Asheville. We are completely spoiled. Damn good beer and even better food. The hardest part about eating out here is figuring out which incredibly awesome restaurant to go to.

I'm thankful to be moving to a larger home next year. It will be so nice to have all my books and belongings in one location. It will be super nice to have my own room. Everyone needs their own personal space.

I'm thankful for Chris. He is a good person all around. He's fun to be with. He is smart. He is sexy. He's a good cook and an excellent cuddler. Who knew cuddling was so nice?

Enjoy today with your loved ones and ponder the question...

What are you thankful for today? 

"The more grateful you are, the more you get to be grateful about. It's that simple." ~Louise L. Hay 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer