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I'm an Ambassador for Handmade In America

I'm an Ambassador for 
Handmade In America! 

What is Handmade In America, you ask?

"Handmade In America believes the handmade object has 
the power to transform both individuals and communities, 
and build partnerships and economies that are firmly rooted 
in the culture of Western North Carolina."
~Gwynne Rukenbrod, 
Executive Director of Handmade In America


To grow handmade economies through craft, cultural heritage, and community assets.

In 1993 a handful of Western North Carolina residents came together to find a fresh approach to economic development in their mountains. They knew that the region was filled with assets: it boasts some of the oldest, grandest mountains in the world, it is a biodiversity hotspot, and it serves as a home to some of the most creative craft artists in the nation. This small group of citizens therefore realized that this industry of craft artists, working in studios, classrooms, and galleries tucked away throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, held the key to creative and sustainable economic development.

I am proud to be an Ambassador and Member 
for Handmade In America. 
I believe in craft. I believe in answering your calling. 
I believe in Handmade In America.

Right now a campaign is going on to help Handmade In America continue to thrive. They have already reached over half their goal.

Here is a message from Gwynne Rukenbrod.
(I'm super honored to be quoted in this video. Yay!)

A few ways to show your support...

~Go to and donate. 
There are amazing perks and membership opportunities! 

~Spread the word. We are all connected. Social media is powerful. Here are social media links for Handmade In America:

~Buy handmade! Support crafters. Attend local craft shows. Buy your birthday presents and holiday gifts handmade. Don't go to the mall! Would you like some inspiration? 

"I am a crafter of sorts and it delights my heart to help out such a great campaign! Buy local. Buy handmade." ~Amy Riddle

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer