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It Is Happening.

It's official! 

I registered for my Life Coach training! 

It is happening! 

I am journeying to Nashville, Tennessee
 the last weekend in February 
to become a Certified Life Coach.
I am training with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. They offer an accelerated 3 day intensive in person.
Not on the telephone, not via email, but 
in the flesh learning and training. 

They already sent me homework
I LOVE homework.
(Yes, I am a nerd.)

I will get so much out of this training...

I will be training with certified experienced Life Coaches.
I will receive hands on experience, 
practicing in the classroom with real people. 
They will help me devise a complete marketing plan. 
I will be certified after our 3 day intensive.
They even have a graduation ceremony!

I would like to extend a super duper huge 
to everyone who has donated to
I've been blessed with some donations outside of the Indiegogo campaign...which is how I was able to register for the class.

I've also been blessed with a place to stay in Nashville.

As much as I want the flower essence training...
it can wait awhile.

So...I have a new money goal for the campaign...but I'm not able to switch it on Indiegogo.

If I can reach $1,000, that is absolutely perfect.
That would pay for the rest of my tuition, transportation and food, and the Indiegogo expenses. 

So, I just need $387 more to make it happen! 

Can you help?

Check out my perks. 
Helping me can help you.
I'm the Pay It Forward Type of Fairy.

Campaign Amy, Project Life Coach ends Monday, January 21.

Please share!
Share with facebook, twitter, your blog, etc.

Thank you so fairy much!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer