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Oracle of the Week~Faery~Amara the Menehune

Amara the Menehune
Aloha Healing

Artwork by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith  Guidebook by Lucy Cavendish

From Lucy Cavendish:
Amara represents the spirit of the tropics:
she is warm, sensual, sweet, and laden with gifts for you.
She eats fruits and flowers, and dances 
and sings the songs of her ancestors. 
She is laughter, and fresh-flowing water, and hope, and warmth. 
She is at home in the world outside, in a nature filled with the sound of dolphins, the music of waterfalls, 
the song of the warm breeze. 
There are also many sweet aromas when she comes to you, and she wishes for you to slow down and relax, 
and to take your time and smell the frangipanis! 
There is no rush when Amara comes into your world: she knows that while you feel rushed, you are not eating right, nor digesting properly, nor connecting deeply, 
nor sleeping well, nor feeling fully. 
You are barely noticing the beauty of nature both within 
and outside of you. 

So it is time to treat yourself to some relaxation of the Hawaiian kind when she comes to visit, and embrace the aloha spirit!

Amara says,
"I am of a time and a place where
 time moves in its own way, 
where you are at one with the natural world, 
and where your body 
and soul are entwined, in unison, 
and singing the most beautiful song!
You need the power of sunshine on your body: 
please give yourself a sunbath, a natural, energetic healing of pure golden light, and feel the radiance warm your bones 
and fill you with joy!"

Time for fresh fruits, fresh food, natural sunlight,
 dancing, nature, and relaxation.

I'm down!

This explains why I was craving the sunshine yesterday
and took a couple of walks outside.
The fresh air felt so good.

This is a fantastic reminder of self care.
Thank you Amara!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer