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My Personal Transformation Bracelet


Most of you know I have some big things going on in my life right now...and I chose a "word for the year". 

Just one word...but it's a long big one. 


I saw in my Fly Sista group some of them getting necklaces 
with their personal word. 
Well, I wear a different necklace almost every day depending on my mood...something special I have created just for me. 
So, I couldn't add another necklace...I decided I needed a bracelet. 
I looked at my supply and 
didn't have all the letters for "transformation". 
I went to three different craft stores and 
just couldn't find what I envisioned. 
Finally, I hopped on the internet and found some cool black and white letter beads on Fire Mountain Gems.

I LOVE these beads. 
I can wear them every single day 
and it will match whatever I'm wearing.
Plus when I look down when I'm typing, writing, driving, etc...
I see my word proudly displayed across my wrist.

I added four round wood beads. 
Four, representing the four elements. 
I used hematite beads in between to keep me 
grounded on my 2013 journey. 
And the cherry on top of my sundae...a fairy!
She was originally on a necklace I created for me, but she didn't seem right on it...I had been saving her for something...something special...and now I figured out where she belonged.
On the back of her it has the words, "forget me not". 

I'm wearing this bracelet every day. 

I love it, it's such an 
incredible reminder of what is in store for me. 
It's a reminder of what we manifest can come to fruition. 

If any of you would like your word created into a bracelet, 
let me know! I would love to make you one. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer