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Artist Trading Cards

Collection of ATCs from my Birthday Month

Are you familiar with Artist Trading Cards?
They are the size of a regular playing card...2 1/2 by 3 1/2.
You create art on one side, on the other side you place your information and then you swap with other artists.

So...this year...not only am I in "The Artist Way" book club, a mixed media class, and a blog circle...I'm also swapping ATCs with women all over the world. We normally do 2 a month...but when it's your birthday month...WHOA BABY...
we send out birthday ATCs!

After reading Vickie Martin's blog, I decided I also wanted to put together a blog post with all of the
ATCs I received my birthday month.

Here we go...get ready for some fab art
the size of a baseball card!


 This lovely witch was created
 by Melissa Humphries
from Lake Heights, New South Wales-Australia. 

Kristen Conley from Fullerton, California
added my word of the year
She even drew my butterfly tat!

Elizabeth McNulty from Frankfort, Kentucky 
chose my favorite flower, the sunflower
and a beautiful butterfly.
I love the vibrant color and her handwriting is so lovely.

I just love butterflies!
This ATC came from Middleton, Wisconsin from
Karen Kohn. I love the message. 

From Teton Village, Wyoming...Carin McConaughy-Munn
created a peaceful watercolor creation.

Handmade by Sandy King from 
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.
I love the darker colors with the heart. 

Lovely dress from Vickie Martin in Decatur, GA.
I love the look of it...
the old sewing pattern background and the colors. 
Nice! It makes me wanna throw on a sexy dress. 

Stacey WilkBrooks from Santa Cruz, California created this card
with our theme "Glitz".
The steampunk type bird is pretty awesome.

Happy Happy Girl from 
Jean Wagner of Everett, Washington. 
I dig her pigtails and rosy cheeks. 

This awesome creation is from Janine Whitling, Highgate Hill, Queensland, Australia. I always love everything she does.

Sue Grilli from Monroe, Georgia created this 
beautiful watercolor piece. 
The pink flowers make me happy. 

LaDonna Davis, Los Angeles, California 
had a special present in the flowered envelope. 
I pulled out a heart!

These two arrived on the same day and 
looked so similar to one another. 
The one on the left is from Ciarrai Samson
 from Leeds, United Kingdom. The blue is so relaxing. 
The beauty on the right is from Lynn Sweeney Bedwell 
of Salisbury, New Hampshire. 
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." ~Rumi

Okay, so this is not an actual ATC from my group. 
Chris drew it and hid it in a book I was reading for me to find. 
I think it's pretty freakin' cool and it's the same size as an ATC!
ATCs are fun to make and are super addicting. I feel they are challenging as well, because you are so limited in the amount of space you have to create. 

I now love going to the mailbox!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse