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My February Artist Date~Asheville Mardi Gras Parade

STOP! In the name of Mardi Gras! 

I couldn't figure out what to do for my 
February Artist Date.

January, I roamed around downtown Asheville and had a good time at some galleries. (You can read about it here.)

I wanted to do something different this I volunteered 
to be in the Asheville Mardi Gras parade.


I love to dress up.
I love costumes. 

The day before the parade, I still wasn't sure what I was going to wear. Fortunately, I met an awesome-creative woman named Dawn at the Local Artist Craft Show I was vending at. 
Dawn makes tutus! 

Dawn: "Do you want to wear a tutu?"
Me: "Well, yes I do."

Me practicing my parade wave. 

Let's go to the parade!

I ventured downtown to Wall Street and whoa...people everywhere....beads everywhere...costumes everywhere. 

I was overwhelmed with party goodness.

A lovely Goddess. 

A parade cannot be complete without Pride. 

A couple of parade walking ladies ready with their beads. 

I'd like to be on this float. 

I rode in the back of this truck. 

with these ladies. 

I feel the sunglasses really compliment my tutu.

Clowns are freaky. 
He asked me if I wanted a kiss...
and handed me a Hershey's kiss.

I completely fell in love with the pink folks. 

The detail on her hat is just incredible. 
I wish I had a picture of her shoes. 

Okay, I'm loaded up with beads...
ready to throw them to worthy parade go-ers. 

Um...I don't know. A bug? An alien? 

I absolutely loved her outfit. The blue is just amazing. 
I want blue lips. 
(This is Dawn by the way that created the fab tutu.)

Creative. I never would have thought of it. 

Put a bird on the parade is complete. 

Here is a fabulous photo of the tutu I wore from Maid of Mars.
 I totally snagged the picture off her Facebook page. I would check out her stuff. Dawn is a talented costume designer. 
This tutu could be yours! 

This was a fun experience. I loved seeing what everyone was wearing...all individual human art pieces. 
I should start working on something 
completely outrageous for next year!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Spirit Dancer