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Oracle of the Week~Birds~Nuthatch


Written By: G.G. Carbone
Illustrated By: Mary Ruzicka 

Healing Colors: gray, white, chestnut

Message: "Flexibility stretches your mind and 
body to overcome limitations."

Relax and let go. 
Know that you have the power to move forward
comfortably no matter what direction you choose.

Inspired by Nuthatch, you are free and flexible, 
ready for all opportunities.
Perhaps you want to consider a move
or a new line of work.

Be open to possibility.


I love that Nuthatch mentions I may want to move 
or consider a new line of work.

How about both? 
My 2 main goals for this year...
moving to a bigger home and
becoming a Life Coach.

I am ready. 

Thank you to my fabulous friend Cheri for allowing me to
choose a card from this incredible deck. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer